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  • Sand Casting
  • Forging, Filing, Soldering, and Polishing.
  • Textures, Forming, Soldering, and Polishing.
  • Tube Making, Soldering, Hammering, and Oxidizing.
  • Making Wire, Forming, Hammering, and Drilling.
  • Making Wire, Forming, Soldering, Polishing.
  • Shaping, Soldering, Filing, and Pearl Cementing.
  • Sawing, Shaping, Soldering and Polishing.
  • Sawing, Filing, Creating Textures, and Soldering.
  • Sawing, Filing, Pulling Wire, and Soldering.
  • Sawing, Hammering, Soldering and Oxidizing.
  • Textures, Filing, Drilling, and Jump Rings.
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